A Brief History of Satchel bags

According to wikipedia satchel bags is “a bag, often with a strap. The strap is often worn so that it diagonally crosses the body, with the bag hanging on the opposite hip, rather than hanging directly down from the shoulder. They are traditionally used for carrying books”. As a result, this type of bag is often associated with the classic image of the English schoolboy, who goes to class with a satchel of books and supplies.

A brief record on the satchel reveals us how the most unique and original designs can last hundreds of decades. With all fashionable that is been going around for the last several decades on satchels, it’s fairly simple to get a bit confused. Where did this pattern come from and how did it re-emerge? Is it here to remain or keep in just a issue of time? You would be amazed at how lengthy this particular equipment has been around for and how it has become a choice in every fashionista’s handbag store.

Sachel bagWouldn’t it be great if we could go the distance over to the Romans. Yes, the Romans! Today’s styles have amazing beginnings. They utilized small leather bags called Loculus which were remarkably reasonable.

Loculus is a Latin word literally meaning little place and was used in a number of senses including to indicate a satchel. Satchels were carried by Roman legionaries, as a part of their luggage.” (from wikipedia).

The Loculus is probably measured 45 by 30 centimeters (18′ by 12′ in) and was likely created out of leather. It was was presumably used to store apportions and a legionnaire’s belongings. As you can tell from the history leather bags have been around for a long while.


However, satchel handbags hadn’t completely blurred away. Sporadically every once in a while they have re-risen. At the same time, not at all like the sudden blast that a style proclamation does that has given them the most ubiquity to date.

Satchels bags have most likely disappeared under the style radar. It hasn’t been as of not long ago that these have had a colossal effect on popular society. Universal associations have been continually generating admirably made travel bags after their manifestation on society.

Various handbag associations have been carrying this timeless prototype to everybody’s submits various shades like pastels, neons, metallics, excellent shades, prints and diverse sizes and new characteristics.

Despite which style you pick, you can rest guaranteed that picking a classical handbag is the right choice. As adaptable as this bag is and what number of diverse ways you can style it or use it, you will be getting your cash’s worth.

One thing led to another and now the excellent leather handbag has a suddenly popularity in the 21st-century as many companies, redesign these classic bags with surprising modern color, material combination and manage to offer the new satchels generation for endless satchel lovers.

Indeed, famous British style mark Mulberry, in the wake of spotting on-screen character and high profile VIP Alexa Chung donning a vintage satchel, got motivated to make the “Alexa”bag.

The summer 2012, the Cambridge Satchel Company being chosen as the face of a new Google Chrome advert – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E0qDrRJT4zE . Having currently received over 4,000,000 You Tube views and airing on UK TV and in cinemas nationwide, the advert has further increased the global awareness of the brand.

The spring 2013 runways, were stick stuffed with them. Fashioners like Chris Benz, and the preferences, flaunted their bag love in New York Fashion Week. The handbag is clearly staying put, so now is the right time we all grip it and appreciate it!

The funny thing we recognize now is that females are turning into the majority of satchel bag fan, while it was the men who utilized this down to earth pack again within Roman times.

Satchel bags made for men loved by women

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