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Unique Handbags Boutique dot com Sq LogoIt has been some years since 2004 when we started this site. You can easily view our old home page on March 22, 2004 through the “Way back machine’s archives”.
Since then it had its ups and downs and only recently I decided to completely renovate it.
So, Uniquehandbagsboutique.com has been transformed to a mixed blog-like site of shopping proposals, fashion tips and fashion news.
Of course we kept its initial identity, that is an “All about handbags” site, the most essential carry around accessory of a woman.
My 25-year involvement with fashion – more precisely with handbags and shoes – lead me to get personally involved in the design of this site.
My objective is to guide my visitors swiftly and easily to choose the most appropriate handbag for the occasion – the one they have in their mind but cannot locate surfing.
There are wonderful designers and brands not widely known that are never searched for – thus never found.
As you’ll notice we’ve organized our collections by brand, style and other categories like the ones a shopper uses while choosing a bag in a store.
Also, our celebrities-chosen collections will show you how easy it is to put the glamor touch on your image with far far less…
Check our postings regularly for continuously refreshed collections and updated celebrities look-alike products.
As you already noticed, this site has a personal touch. It is not an online store – although I most probably would make much more out of it if it was – since my main interest is suggesting the right bag for every occasion.
It’s really a waste of time surfing for hours to find a bag when you can find hand-picked collections for almost every occasion.
In an untrusty web, I decided to promote only legitimate and well-known sites like Amazon, eBay, CJ and associates.
Lowest online prices, free shipping both ways (of course restrictions apply), no knockoffs and everyday offers are a few of their everyday happy surprises one can expect.
Finally, our fashion tips articles are quite a few and growing, so feel free to use the search box or read them all if you like!
We value your opinion and wait for your feedback with either a comment or just a like in our FB page.
You’ll find all your favorite socializing buttons like FB, Tweeter, Google +1, Pinterest, Stumbled Upon and Linked In on every page.
Since primarily this is a US site, I am mainly focusing on US designers and brands.
In the near future I intend to include more UK and European designers and brands whose creations can be purchased through the European Amazon and ebay stores.
Thank you for visiting my site and wish you have a delightful shopping experience.

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