GiGi New York the handmade obsession

Are you spending at lot on chic handbags? Want to buy quality handbags without scorching your pockets?
Choose handmade handbags and purses by GiGi New York and create the next fashion statement.

GiGi New York Rocks.

You will be amazed how stylish and fashionable they are. Most of these handbags are crafted to perfection. They come in a variety of shapes and colors keeping always in mind the demanding requirements of a stylish woman.
Burgundy Ellen Bag - Embossed Python
So, what makes handmade handbags stand out from the rest? Primarily because they are hand-crafted from the finest tanneries of France and Italy.
Also, using high quality materials provides a comfortable feeling to their owner.

Leather is a royal and classy material by itself, thus a leather hand-crafted bag gives an extra zing to one’s personality.
They are not only adorable with their stylish look but equally comfortable and practical to carry around.

At this point, allow me to introduce you to a new fashionable brand, (which was introduced in 2011).
Their stylish collection of gorgeous handmade handbags, wallets and leather accessories are all manufactured in USA.
GiGi New York was founded by the widely-known for leather products For more than forty years it supplies the best retailers with thousand of different products in United States and all over the world.

Choose your favorite design from a variety of shoulder bags, top handles, cross body bags, totes, clutches, and more.
Grey Elle Cross-body - Embossed Python
My best-loved is Grey Elle Cross-body – Embossed Python. It is exceptionally functional, beautiful and crafted with amazing quality.
It has also the perfect size for an everyday bag.

Since I am fond of hands-free style bags, this one is my favorite.
Why? To start with, it has a magnificent shade of gray which matches practically anything in your wardrobe.
It is spacious enough for my tablet, wallet, keys and my tiny makeup bag.
It has even a convenient exterior pocket for my phone so perfect that in fact I’m obsessed with it.
Believe me, this handbag will be your everyday inspiration.

GiGi designers, using smooth streamlined patterns, exploit the true luxury of their lavish colored python leathers so as to become the new fashion statement.

Complimentary to the Indigo and Sand colors are the impressive Burgundy, Black, Taupe, and White.
What more to say about the gorgeous White Gold Tori Tote, with metallic goatskin leather which turns your everyday handbag into a holiday treasure.
White Gold Tori Tote - Metallic Goatskin
And finally, as if these bags aren’t amazing enough, you have the ability to personalize any item you buy from their collection with your initials.
Just pick the color from gold, silver or blind and their personalization team will make your favorite bag truly unique.

If you like, you may watch a short video of GiGi New York production facilities.

So what more do you need?
Choose the best bag of your choice and make a new fashion statement!


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