SAFETY PIN BRACELET OR NECKLACE, diy, jewelry making, easy, quick, costume jewelry

How to make a safety pin bracelet or necklace, diy, jewelry making, easy jewelry, repurpose, recycle, costume jewelry, beading, beads, GET YARN AND HOOKS HER…
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May 25, 2013 on at this URL by OldTimer.


24 thoughts on “SAFETY PIN BRACELET OR NECKLACE, diy, jewelry making, easy, quick, costume jewelry

  • Just made a purple one and I´╗┐ love it, great tute! I wanna see more jewelry videos and more vegetarian recipes ­čÖé

  • The large beads were from a bracelet that I bought at the dollar store, (I always check the necklaces, bracelets, and hair accessories to´╗┐ take apart for beads at the dollar store, they have such good selection of those), so I’m not sure, but probably 12mm… the gold ones, probably 6mm.

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  • Wow, the humble safety pin yet again is glammed up. My niec & I willl defo like´╗┐ make this, thanks for posting such a fab idea. I will raiding my sewing kit, lol.

  • U r a genius!I truly loved´╗┐ it nnnn am gona try this soooooon….thanks Emi….cudnt hv imagined using saftey pins to create such an amazing art…

  • Guys, learn jewellery making doesn’t have to be difficult (I used to feel it did). I’ll give you some advice right now. Look for a tutorial known as Jeweluxory Making´╗┐ (do a google search). Seriously, that online program has provide me the best lesson about jewellery making.

  • What a brilliant idea!!! Thanks for sharing.´╗┐ I may try this soon. I love wearing unusual items!!

  • WOW!!! so beautiful, creative & EASY! I love this! another amazing tutorial, thank´╗┐ you so much! not only for this great idea but for all your amazing tutorials 3 heart

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